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Progressive Rock
Prog Rock is what we grew up on. Sure there are plenty of catchy pop tunes to be heard. Maybe we'll even write a couple of 'em ("pop tunes", that is  - not necessarily the catchy type).  The point is that we like variety. There are a million bands out there trying to make a buck on the pop scene. That makes for some lousy odds on our success in that market. There are, by comparison, only a thousand bands doing prog rock. Sound like better odds ?  No way !  Not many folks in that market even if they do like your stuff.  Since our rise to fame and fortune is implausible at best - why not play whatever we feel like?
Well, that all sounds like a reasonable justification for a logical conclusion.  In reality, we're just like everybody else - we know what we like.   Anyhow, we still get together (albeit infrequently) to dabble in musical phonemes. "Ron Obvious" is the product we have to offer..


This picture of Jimes Muldoon is of no particular importance here

You, also, must be discerning a specific lack of importance here. It gets worse on Tuesday.


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